We came here tonight to get it started, to cold act ill or get retarded. - Mostly 90's East Coast hiphop.

I hope this ain’t about America.

I hope this ain’t about America.

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My favorite line of all time.

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White kids making a mockery of the #IfTheyGunnedMeDown tag. 

This is the epitome of white privilege.


I literally feel ill. What the fuck is wrong with these people

how can they even make a joke when a unarmed black boy got shot dead in the street.. the fuck, there are no cops out here going to shoot an unarmed white kid, fuck them seriously


I hate white people.

they pulled this same shit with Treyvon, remember Halloween? he was made into a caricature as was our pain and suffering. to them we are just entertainment, something to consume because their life is as underwhelming as the box of plain crackers they came from.

"I hate white people" ^^^
Wow ur really moving up in the political and ethical sense huh

fuck white people’s idea of political and ethical sense, ya’ll have none.

You’re really saying “I hate white people”???? Coming from a “white” person, what I find that they are doing is also insulting. But for you to bash on a race bc of what these “white” people are doing is ignorant. The media decides to put up fame to what happened to this kid, but what they don’t show is that stuff like this happens everyday to EVERY race. They decide to tell the world about a black boy getting shot bc they know it will set off controversy between everyone. What you guys don’t get is that this happens all the time to innocent people of every race…so before you go bashing on “white people” for doing something insulting bc the boy that died was “black”, do your research and stop pointing your fingers to the “white people”.

A wild cracker appears.

livingwithmysexualthoughts is very reason why I’ve have lost all faith in humanity.

If you’re more offended by an exclamation of anger made in the face of oppression than you are by the mockery of an innocent black kid, you are a disgusting piece of shit. 

My skin might be white on the outside but I’m pink and embarrassed by other white people on the inside.

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Doesn’t matter how popular Denzel Curry gets he’ll always be underrated.

Doesn’t matter how popular Denzel Curry gets he’ll always be underrated.

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Seconded, if you’re a cop then shoot yourself not dogs.

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"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is,
I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis"
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I hate it when rappers I like collaborate with insane clown posse.

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